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Thank You Evergreen Region

SONY DSCWe just want to thank those of you who have become our loyal regular customers and all of those who have ever entered our doors at Bistro Colorado. While we realize that it may not be possible to satisfy all of the people all of the time we truly appreciate that we have had the opportunity to participate as a place to gather and share an experience within the region. We welcome your feedback… good, and constructive. We are listed on Yelp and other sites where you can provide your feedback publicly or you can send an email to us if you prefer to keep your feedback private.

We hope to see you soon and often at Bistro Colorado.

The Governor’s Gala

Bistro Colorado teamed up with Colorado’s Top Chefs from Rioja, Euclid Hall, Bistro Vendome, Cherry Hills Country Club, Cooks Fresh Market,The Brown Palace, and The Western State College Culinary Program to prepare a six course meal plus hors d’oeuvres for Governor Hickenlooper, Governor Ritter, and Governor Owens not to mention the who’s who of in Denver. The menu featured Colorado products like lamb, fall vegetables, goat cheese, and honey. We’ll share pictures when they become available.

BICO Weekly Blog ~ October 29th, 2013

Thank you once again for a great week at Bistro Colorado Bergen Park. It is nice to have met many of you at the restaurant located at 1552 Bergen Parkway.

Here is what’s going on at BICO Bergen Park this week!

Illy Coffee and Espresso ~ Illy is the top brand of sustainably sourced coffee in the world. We are the only “Illy House” in the Evergreen area. Did you know we are open from 7 -3 weekdays and you can get the best coffee available on the go from Bistro Colorado? We also have a wide range of select teas and the best hot cocoa you will have ever had, guaranteed! To date we have had one or two customers come to our restaurant before 9 AM. If this trend continues then we may need to reconsider our customer’s needs with regard to us opening so early.

New Smoker – We have a new smoker for the smoked line caught salmon on our menu as well as the trout which is offered in the River Omelet and Smoked Trout Hash and Eggs. Can’t wait to fire it up tomorrow morning.

Baby Beets, Pumpkins, and Baby Carrots from Leffler Family Farms ~ These items will be featured on the menu this week in the form of our beet goat cheese salad, pumpkin soup, and as a featured vegetable on the lunch and brunch entree items.

Liquor License ~ We do plan on getting ours and hope to have it by February 2014. I have been in touch with the Jefferson County Liquor Board as well as the state level. In response to some of the questions we have received regarding the allowance of BYOB (Bring your own bottle of wine)… Jeffco says that it is a violation of the “Open Bottle” law and it should not be done. The State has not yet answered my call on this question.

Thanksgiving Dinner ~ Many of you have asked if we are going to be open on Thanksgiving Day. The answer is, yes! We will be offering a special Thanksgiving Day Farm to Table Menu for the community! The menu will be released in next week’s email update. Please make your reservations soon if you would like to join us by calling me at 720-648-8800 or 303-670-3229.

Wine Dinner on December 5th ~ We are working together with the Mile High Winery located at 2811 Walnut, Denver CO on a special event Wine Dinner. We are seeking approval through the State Liquor Board to gain approval for this event where Mile High Winery will provide the wine and we will provide the exceptional food and service in our Bergen Park location. The dinner will include a five course meal and five wines. Charles Anderson will lead the wine tasting by describing the marriage between the food and the wine. I will lead the composition of the menu from our kitchens with our amazing team! Please save the date but do not call in to make reservations just yet. We want to make sure the Liquor Board will allow us to do this event before we get too far along. We should be able to start taking reservations by next week.

Governors Gala on November 1st ~ I’m not sure if any of you on this email are planning to attend this event but I wanted to share it with you because I’m honored to be one of five Colorado Chefs that is preparing for this event. We are featuring a version of our Beet and Goat Cheese Salad! The Pastry Chef from the Brown Palace asked if I would consider not using honey on the salad as we do in BICO Bergen PArk so that he could feature honey in the Brown Palace dessert. I agreed to go with a different dressing and decided on a sherry vinaigrette…we will also be serving the baby beet salad as a warm and cold composition to offer a unique contrast in temperature as well as texture and flavors. The November 1 Governor’s Gala Culinary Team includes these five chefs plus our own Sous Chef, Andrew Treble who is heading up the Hors d’oeuvres for the event.

Chef David Lewis, Executive Pastry Chef, Brown Palace Hotel, Award Winner Atlanta Live Pastry Competition
Jennifer Jasinski, Executive Chef/Owner Rioja, Euclid Hall, Bistro Vendome, 2013 James Beard Best Chef of the Southwest, Former Colorado Chef of the Year
Ed Janos, Owner Cooks Fresh Market, ACF Certified Master Chef, ACF Gold Medalist
John St. Peter, Western Colorado Community College Instructor, ACF Gold Medalist, 2012 Colorado Chef of the Year
Travis Smith, Owner, Bistro Colorado Field to Fork Restaurant and Catering Company, National Soup and Sauce Champion, 5-Time Culinary Olympic Gold Medalist, ACF Gold Medalist, 2011 Colorado Chef of the Year, Military Chef of the Year, Army Chef of the Year
Craig Peterson, Executive Chef Cherry Hills Country Club, Member of the 2004 ACF Culinary Olympic Team USA, ACF Gold Medalist

Catering in Evergreen ~ We catered a Halloween PArty in Soda Creek last Saturday and we are catering another event five minutes from BICO Bergen Park this Saturday. Please contact us if you need a caterer. Many of you know that we have a couple of food trucks and we can bring the food to you in first class style.

Reservations: We want to continue to provide the best possible service and food quality to all of you. So we will be taking reservations for our weekend brunch on Saturday and Sunday so that we can control the flow of customers entering the dining room during a given timeframe. By regulating the flow of diners we can ensure that all will receive the best timely service and quality of food. We will still accept walk ins but please realize that we want to maintain a very high level of service so you may be asked to wait for a few minutes while we prepare your table. We enjoyed our busiest day to date yesterday for Sunday Brunch! Thank you!

Bistro Colorado … Sustainable, Healthy, Delicious
A Chef-Driven “Colorado Proud” Company

Holy Cats Evergreen!

Thank you for the resounding reception of BICO Bergen Park at 1552 Bergen Parkway #305. Today for the first time since we opened I was concerned that our service might not be up to par with our guest expectations. We felt like we were getting overrun by the customer base… it was pretty sweet!

My toque blanc is off to the BICO BP team. They were phenomenal! Thank you to all of our customers. You are making our day, every day!

When I arrived at BICO BP this morning there was a 6 Point Bull Elk in the back yard just waiting for the sun to come up and the cow elk to gather around for the rut. No pictures please!

Breakfast is slower than we anticipated. Lunch is a little bit crazy and crazy is good! Lots of interest in our catering options. Book now if you want to get us on your calendar!

Love the clients in the Evergreen area! Like “Boulderites.” Couple of ladies were asking where we get our organic and all natural products from today…love the high level of interest in what we are doing with the BICO Brand.

Farmer Anthony “Tony” from Local Motion CSA dropped off a couple cases of pie pumpkins, baby beets and baby carrots with a bonus pack of sun chokes picked yesterday. Beets are going on the BICO Beet Goat Cheese Salad, Pumpkins in the soup, carrots as a featured chefs vegetable dish, sun chokes… ???

See you soon!

Chef Travis Smith

Bistro Colorado Restaurant Now Opened in Bergen Park

We opened the doors of BICO Bergen Park on October 5th, 2013 after one year of food truck business with the brand Bistro Colorado. Many people assume that we were a food truck business that opened a restaurant when actually we are a brand that launched a food truck and catering business and a restaurant business that reinforce one another…? Does that make sense?

The experience at BICO Bergen Park is truly world class because of the recently hired dedicated staff and their thorough training.

The food is exceptional. I’ll say so myself even though I wrote the menu and developed many of the dishes as originals. By standing on the shoulders of Giants like Escoffier, Roux, and even Lou Jones, a personal friend who happens to be a subject matter expert in French food, bistros, and brasseries, we have created a menu full of variety, flavor, texture, and deliciousness. Like I say to our customers when they ask if I have any recommendations…”If there were a dish that wasn’t absolutely delicious on the menu then we’d have already taken it off.”

BICO Bergen Park is located at 1552 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen CO 80439 next to The Woodcellar and It’s New To Me Consignment store.